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For Homeschooling Parents & Teachers

All our workbooks and lesson plans are available from Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT). We have fictional stories that can be used as read-aloud or self-paced activities with questions to encourage students to think more deeply. We have early reader workbooks and some for middle-grade readers. Check back often as we add new items each month. Or pop over to TpT and explore our store by clicking HERE


  • Timeline - Cuba

  • Timeline - Voyages of Columbus

  • High School History Survival Guide

  • Research Paper Outline - Handout


  • I Am Bakhita: The Lucky One

  • I Am the Story Teller

  • Tamika's Hair

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  • Kiesha's Kwanzaa

  • Dancing on the Day of the Kings

  • The Not-So-Sweet History of Caribbean Sugar

lesson plans

  • My Name is Noel

  • The Maroons of Jamaica

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