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Tamika's Hair

Tamika lives in an island paradise where the sun warms her face and the ocean waves tickle her toes. She should be very happy, but she is not, and it is all because of her hair. All the other girls have shiny, silky hair that slides over their shoulders and flutters in the breeze. Her hair is not shiny or silky and instead of fluttering, it bounces in one big curly clump. Tamika’s hair makes her feel different. She thinks she will never make friends with the other girls until the day she meets the old lady with skin like dry coconuts...


This early reader story will help children see that they don't have to look like everyone else in order to fit in. They are special just the way they are. This story is a great read-aloud tale and is available on


My Name is Noel

Coming soon


Leaving Egypt: Hagar's Story

Coming Soon


Prince Gerald's Very Big Responsibilities

Prince Gerald lives with his father King Rufus, his mother Queen Heather, and his sister, Princess Joyce in the Realm of Long Pond. One day Prince Gerald will be the ruler of the Realm of Long Pond (much to his sister's annoyance) and he needs to learn how to be a good king. But until then - Prince Gerald just wants to cook.

This ebook is available on


Kiesha's Kwanzaa

Coming Soon


My Trelawney

Coming Soon

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