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A Fairy Named Petal

Updated: Jan 25

A few years ago I was on a research trip to Madrid, Spain and I visited the Royal Botanical Gardens. The gardens are arranged on a formal plan with paths and special areas for exotic trees and flowering plants. I don’t usually like formal gardens but this one is really beautiful.

As I explored I tried to imagine eighteenth-century ladies strolling along the pathways in their glamorous silk gowns, probably fluttering their fans in the summer heat. Then I came to a little spot. It wasn’t spectacular in any particular way but for some reason it made me think of fairies. I could just SEE them darting here and there with their wings glistening in the sunlight. I decided to write a story.

I sat on one of the little benches in this magic spot to ponder about the star of my story – a little fairy girl whose name is Petal. That night, when I returned to my room The Dreamtoucher’s Tale was born.

The Dreamtoucher’s Tale is an example of a story that is not Caribbean-based (though it could be) but that just begged to be written. So ... I would like to introduce you to Petal as she tries to figure out how to dream her dream into the world. The ebook is available on Kindle here. Enjoy!

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