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Kiesha’s Kwanzaa

Kiesha doesn't understand what is happening to her family. Papa hides behind the newspaper at dinner time. Her big brother Derrick is grumpy and gets into trouble all the time. And Mama just seems unhappy. If not for her precious library books, Kiesha would be unhappy too. When she discovers a family celebration called Kwanzaa, Kiesha thinks she has found a way to help her family. She works hard to create a special family Kwanzaa celebration, but is it too late? Young readers will learn about how some families celebrate Kwanzaa, but Kiesha’s Kwanzaa is really about family and togetherness and the power of love.


My Trelawney: Tonia’s Story

Her name is Antonia but no one ever calls her that – she has always been Tonia. Tonia lives at the Jamaican Sugar Plantation called Trelawney and she and her Mama work for Mistress Charlene. Mistress Charlene is not their boss she is their owner. Tonia and Mama and all the other Africans or people of African descent at Trelawney are enslaved. In My Trelawney: Tonia’s Story Tonia writes about her life in 17th century Jamaica and the daring plan that leads her to Panama with Henry Morgan’s wild crew of pirates. In the process, she uncovers Trelawney’s secrets. Readers will learn about many fascinating Caribbean themes such as buccaneers, maroons, plantation life, burial ceremonies, and much, much more.


My Name is Noel

When Noel and his family move from French-speaking Haiti to Miami, they think they are moving to a better life. But for Noel, the new life is anything but better. Gramps seems to be getting sicker, Papa and Mama are fighting all the time, and school is terrible! Even soccer, the sport he loves more than anything, seems out of his reach as the boys at his school tease him for being Haitian. Maybe changing his name to sound less Haitian will help him to fit in.