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I am Jacqueline and it’s my mission to share my love for my Caribbean heritage with you through affordable books and lessons. Take a minute to learn more about me.

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An Island Girl

We Jamaicans are very connected to our history - the good and the bad. I grew up on a sugar plantation and called a nineteenth-century plantation Great House - Vale Royal - home. It wasn’t until I left my island and lived in Miami, Florida that I realized how much my family’s and my country’s history meant to me. 


Dancing on the Day of the Kings: A Cuban Historical Tradition

Before the sun has even begun to rise in the sky, the beating of African drums can be heard all throughout the colonial city of Havana. Children and adults alike feel the excitement building as the sights and sounds of many people moving about in the streets signify that the celebration of Epiphany will soon begin. This is nineteenth-century Cuba and dancing on el Día de Reyes, or the Day of the Kings is how many people of color who live here celebrate the Catholic feast day of Epiphany. On this day – enslaved or free – people of color are allowed to gather together dressed in their finery to dance to their special music all through the Havana streets. 


This workbook will introduce students to a festival associated with people of color in nineteenth-century Cuba.