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Stories of the Caribbean (Mostly)

Growing up in the Caribbean I loved disappearing into stories. Gunga Peas Books stories are a little silly, sometimes serious, they often capture a flavor of the Caribbean, and always celebrate diversity. Click on the links above to explore our site.

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Tropical Leaves

My Story

An Island Girl

I grew up on a sugar plantation in Jamaica. Everything about my childhood is still part of what is important to me today. 

I studied history at the University of Miami, in Florida and I have a Ph.D. in Caribbean and Latin American history. I teach World history to 9th graders but in my spare time, I publish books, workbooks, and lesson plans through Gunga Peas Books.

Check back often as we add new material regularly. And if you love history visit my blog (click above). You can purchase our ebooks and paperback books through, and our lesson plans through Teachers Pay Teachers.


Kiesha's Kwanzaa

Kiesha doesn't understand what is happening to her family. Papa hides behind the newspaper at dinner time. Her big brother, Derrick, is grumpy and gets in trouble all the time. And Mama just seems unhappy. If not for her precious library books, Kiesha would be unhappy too. When she discovers a family celebration called Kwanzaa, Kiesha thinks she has found a way to help her family. She works hard to create a special Kwanzaa celebration, but is it too late?

Young readers will learn about how some families celebrate Kwanzaa, but Kiesha's Kwanzaa is really about family and togetherness and the power of love.

This book is available as an ebook on Amazon's Kindle and also as a paperback book. You can click here to purchase.