Gunga Peas Books

by Jacqueline Grant

Stories of the Caribbean (Mostly)

Growing up in the Caribbean I loved disappearing into stories. Gunga Peas Books stories are a little silly, sometimes serious, they often capture a flavor of the Caribbean, and always celebrate diversity.

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Tropical Leaves

My Story

An Island Girl

Growing up in Jamaica I was immersed in the history of the Caribbean. I lived on a sugar plantation and called a nineteenth-century plantation Great House home. Everything about my upbringing is still part of what is important to me today. 

I studied history at the University of Miami, in Florida and I have a Ph.D. in Caribbean and Latin American history. I teach World history to 9th graders but in my spare time, I publish books, workbooks, and lesson plans through Gunga Peas Books.

While my attention is on teaching about the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora, you will find books about a Viking girl named Inga (I have Danish cousins and Inga grew out of a fascinating trip to visit them), Prince Gerald (named after my Dad), and Petal's story about dreams (this story came to me as I sat in the magical Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid, Spain).

Check back often as our list of stories grows every month. And if you love history visit my blog. You can purchase our ebooks and paperback books through, and our lesson plans through Teachers Pay Teachers.


The Not-So-Sweet History of Caribbean Sugar

From the very beginning, the history of Caribbean sugar and the history of Caribbean slavery were linked together. This title tells the story of how sugar cane came to be so important in the Caribbean during the colonial period bringing the sugar planters fantastic wealth while working enslaved Africans literally to death. In this 2,500-word workbook, students will learn how the industry developed, about the Atlantic slave system, and the way sugar was made during colonial times. There is a list of New Words, as well as activities for students at the end of each chapter. I have included suggestions for further reading for teachers and homeschooling parents. Visit our lesson plan page to see more of our workbooks.