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I am Jacqueline and through Gunga Peas Books, I share my love for my Caribbean and Catholic heritage with you through affordable books, ebooks, and lessons. Please take a minute to learn more about Gunga Peas books by exploring our website and checking out our blog.

Tropical Leaves

Vale Royal Great House

Tropical Leaves

Living in History

An Island Girl

We Jamaicans are very connected to our history - the good and the bad. I grew up on a sugar plantation and called a nineteenth-century plantation Great House - Vale Royal - home. When I wasn't exploring the grounds of our home I attended a Catholic boarding school. It wasn’t until I left my island and lived in Miami, Florida that I realized how much my family’s and my country’s history meant to me. 


I served as an Officer in the United States Air Force for five years. At the end of my service, I used my G.I. Bill to pursue a Master's degree in Colonial Latin American History and Gender studies. I loved that experience so much that I returned to my Alma Mater - the University of Miami - to pursue a Doctorate as a McKnight scholar focusing on the Caribbean, Modern Latin America, and Atlantic studies.


One day while working on my dissertation I looked around at my personal library and I just knew I wanted to take all the things I was learning and create stories and lesson plans that would share my love for history in engaging ways. That's how Gunga Peas Books was born!

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